Why unity in diversity? In our non-profit association MamaKiya, named after the Inca goddess of the moon, we try to live diversity. In the community, but also across national borders, we believe it is a great enrichment. Based in Germany, founded by people with migration history and not, but who love all regions of the project, we promote intercultural exchange. Our members are emigrants, returnees and interested Germans on exchange. We address a wide variety of topics in an attempt to create a common perspective and aim to build bridges between countries.

As part of our efforts, we at MamaKiya focus on

Cultural diversity and integration

Cultural diversity has long been firmly anchored in Germany. Different religions, origins and languages are an integral part of society. It is important to continue to promote diversity and to constantly improve coexistence through constructive exchange.

That is why we bet on these advantages:

  • Heterogeneous teams are more creative, productive and rewarding and produce change.
  • Diversity brings together different talents that increase competencies and build a positive image
  • Es fördert auch Toleranz für unterschiedlichste Perspektiven, trifft die Seele und ist ein kompetenter Lehrmeister

The peoples of Latin America are diverse in themselves, they are different indigenous peoples, sie sind unterschiedlich groß und besiedeln unterschiedliche Regionen im Amazonasgebiet.  Gewissenhaft richten viele ihr gesamtes Leben an der Natur aus. Im Naturschutzbereich sind sie für Europa ein wichtiger Vorreiter und Anknüpfungspunkt


Upcoming events

Be part of the diversity

and drive our vision of MamaKiya forward with us! Our association thrives on mutual empowerment and intensive reflection. With what we create together, we enable the exchange of knowledge, primarily in the social, economic and political fields. 

The focus of our work:

  • Here, intercultural exchange is promoted together.
  • MamaKiya lives active language exchange with empathy and emotion.
  • Together, we critically analyze social policy issues that concern us all.

We have internalized the traditional knowledge of different countries and cultures and the way of life there. We know its meaning and want to spread it together. Long live unity in diversity!


Let's do it together!

  • Do you still feel a bit of an outsider and yearn to fit in?
  • would you like to participate more in life in Germany?
  • Do you want to make your interests known?
  • Do you want today's society to be more diverse and varied?

Then be sure of our support and let's walk this path together! 



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