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In MamaKiya's projects, we use our diversity, our stories and our perspectives to help solve social, economic and political problems. We believe that in an egalitarian society, where human rights and dignity are respected, all people contribute equally. As part of our work, we focus on different issues and actively call for participation. Inspired by our experiences, we deal with education, health, integration, development cooperation and climate protection.

In addition, we offer people a helping hand in MamaKiya's projects and talk about our own impressions of the migration process. We mainly address migrants from Latin America, because there are no or hardly any suitable offers for this target group to support them in the migration process. Our aim is to exchange experiences, to help in the process and to exchange languages. We organize workshops to enable active participation. We promote health and the connection to the earth as the basis of our lives through the traditional knowledge of the ancestors. We want to safeguard the knowledge of indigenous peoples and incorporate it into our current worldview. To do this, we encourage exchange and build bridges between different cultures. As you can see, our work is as diverse as we are. Become a part of us or support us with a Donation. We look forward to getting in touch with you.


Project: Patitas Fuertes “starke Pfötchen” 2023-2024

Essen für alle“Comida para todos“ 2023-2024

Conferences and events 2021

Voices from the fields - Peru 2021

Elektrokardiograph für Peru

Strong hearts for the Peru 2021 hospital


Migration-Consumption and Climate Protection 2021


Integration of new immigrants in NRW - 2021


Action in favor of the community of Maxineri in Brazil- Marzo 2021


Integration of new immigrants in NRW - 2020


Orientation Project in Germany 2019

Information about indigenous peoples in Latin America

MamaKiya's projects support indigenous peoples in South America who live in the catchment area of the Amazon. They protect the jungle in which they live. They believe in not destroying the forest that gives them food and shelter. So many of them are an important point of contact when it comes to nature conservation. There are different indigenous peoples in South America. They differ in the number of members of the peoples and populate different regions in South America and align their entire lives with nature.
In einer Erklärung der Vereinten Nationen wird ihnen das Recht zugesprochen, dass ihr Lebensraum erhalten werden und ihre Umwelt geschützt werden muss. Staaten rufen Hilfsprogramme ins Leben und setzen diese um, ohne die indigenen Völker dabei zu diskriminieren. Cultural appropriation, also die Übernahme von Symbolen und Traditionen z.B. indigener Völker, kann problematisch und beleidigend sein. Aus dem Grund ist kultureller Austausch von hoher Bedeutung, um Missverständnisse zu vermeiden.


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Mamakiya is looking for volunteers or interns for different projects like health, education, climate, etc.


We are grateful for the various forms of support. Through cooperative institutions, which also support us financially, our work can be of quality and long term.