Successful integration means living together, understanding each other and developing a common social understanding. In this process, we perform a bridging function. Our own migration stories serve as the basis for our work. Our goal is to mediate between Latin America and Germany, to explain cultures and to eliminate conflicts. Furthermore, we want to make your life easier and take you by the hand in your integration process.

We use our function to support people in Germany through a variety of projects in the areas of health, gender justice and climate justice.


Accompaniment in the integration process

Do you feel lost or do you miss your home? Then you are not alone. These are everyday feelings of many migrants. In some cases, the integration process is also burdened by factors such as divorce, disputes over child custody or alimony payments, etc. There are very diverse and individual problems. That is why we see the need to stand by you.

Since there is a lack of support for migrants from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in Germany, we are committed to you. We want to help people with a migration background and support you in your integration. Our team consists of people who have lived through this situation themselves.

So far we have been very successful in our engagement and would like to share this experience with you and support you. You have the opportunity to benefit from our experience and knowledge. We have compiled some frequently asked questions for you below. You will receive further information in a personal exchange. Feel free to contact us.

By the way, integration does not mean that you completely ignore your home country. With our international projects you have the opportunity to stand up for your home country. This also gives you the opportunity to help shape the situation in your home country.

Integration for new immigrants from Latin America

MamaKiya would like to support you during your stay in Germany. Here you will find a document with a lot of important information. The document is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

If you would like a personal consultation, please feel free to write to us and make an appointment.

We will do our best to support you in all aspects.

Offers for you

To make your start in your new home easier, we offer a wide range of services. This includes empowerment seminars, seminars against racism, intercultural seminars and information cafés.

Goals of integration work within the framework of migration

The goals of integration work are manifold. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve long-term, peaceful coexistence based on mutual trust.

  • The common language as the basis for mutual understanding: People who have long-term prospects of staying in Germany should learn the German language in order to engage in mutual exchange. Exchange and communication form the basis for respectful coexistence.
  • Diversity as an opportunity: The goals of integration work are not limited to migrants. It is also about communicating the opportunities and benefits of diversity to the German population.
  • Enabling equal participation: Another goal of integration work is to enable equal participation in society, regardless of age, gender or other parameters. to enable equal participation.

In addition to public counseling centers, migrant associations in particular are important points of contact for migrants in order to achieve the goals of integration. 

Migration process in integration

The integration-integration process a new and often unknown country is a big step. One leaves one's home country, is on one's own and does not know the peculiarities of the new country. Besides bureaucratic challenges, one is confronted with many social challenges. The road is not easy and some problems may arise. For this reason, it is fundamental to find supporters. People who know the fears and worries, who may have gone through similar things. People with whom you can share your own worries.