Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Development cooperation at MamaKiya means respecting all perspectives and cultures. Many people with a migration background feel well integrated in Germany, yet the situation in their countries of origin is important to them

Do you feel the same way? Would you like to do something for your country of origin and wish only the best for your homeland? Then this work area presents exciting opportunities and projects for you. In the development cooperation work area we deal with very different issues. On the one hand, it is about politics and the reappraisal of the history between Latin America and Europe. On the other hand, achieving fair prices for international products and similar issues are part of this work area. All in all, it is about international solidarity and fairness.


Unsere Inspiration

The complexity of development cooperation is growing. To cope with these changes, new measures must be established to enable communication between countries on the same level.

Our approach is based on promoting empathetic communication and strengthening the exchange between different cultures. The goal of our association is to recognize our own potential and weaknesses in order to be able to assume social responsibility in the best possible way.


Postcolonial perspectives

In the context of postcolonial perspectives, it is a matter of analyzing the effects caused by the colonial period. This reappraisal is important for anyone facing the effects of colonialism that are still felt today. They are important for understanding attitudes and certain behaviors.

Die postkolonialen Perspektiven sind ebenfalls Teil der Bildung und stellen somit das Fundament für kulturelles Verständnis dar. Diese Aufarbeitung ist wichtig sowohl für die Migrant*innen als auch für die Europäer. Die Perspektiven sind der Ausgangspunkt, um die Auswirkungen kritisch zu hinterfragen und aufzubrechen. Damit kann man vermeiden, dass die Entwicklungszusammenarbeit zu einer postkolonialen Struktur wird.