The topic of health is also important for us as a club. A healthy body and an active mind not only help you to understand yourself better, but is the basis to integrate yourself. For this reason, we work to create spaces that promote your good health.

Integral health as a solution approach

Integral health is a holistic approach to health. It combines the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. By creating an inner and outer balance, many of the problems described above in the modern health care system can be solved or at least mitigated.


Ground yourself - health

Do you feel the same way? You have the feeling that you are losing sight of what is essential. It seems as if you have lost the connection to Mother Earth. You are right with this impression. Modern man's connection to the earth is slipping away more and more, although we are actually in a strong relationship of dependence to her.

This has an increased impact on your health. You often feel stressed and controlled by others. A current trend wants to counteract this. The energy of the earth is healing and can help you to become healthy again. The talk is of "Earthing" or "grounding"? The goal here is to re-establish the connection to the earth and to feel the electrical energy of the earth and in this way to promote physical well-being.

Take a look at our sustainability section. There we deal with the protection of the earth and present exciting projects.


Advantages of Earthing

The healing establishment of a connection to the earth has many benefits for you and is an important foundation for many areas of life:

1 - Sleep and rest: You can significantly improve your sleep and thus find more energy.
2.- Pain and inflammation: The process of grounding helps you to relieve pain. In addition, you can strengthen your immune system.

3.- Stress and anxiety: By focusing on the essentials of human existence, you reduce stress and anxiety. Your consciousness will support you in everyday life

How do I connect to earth?

There are different ways to ground yourself and thus connect to the earth.

  • Barefoot in the heart (KW): It is simple, but the contact takes place directly. Walking barefoot across meadows or through forests, you can feel the earth and initiate the process of grounding.
  • Meditation (KW): Direct your meditation to Mother Earth. This helps to gain new strength and consciousness. Rely on the stability of the earth and engage in active breathing. In this way you can stretch yourself between heaven and earth and receive new energy.

The process of grounding enables the so-called earth spirituality. This means the lived beauty in the here and now. Despite existing problems, one does not wish to go to another place. One feels strong and armed.

The process can be learned. We offer you guided rituals and lead you into the feeling of being grounded. The directo da association, Amanda Luna, is an indigenous Quechua speaker (the third most spoken language in South America). She supports you competently in your Earthing.

Problems in the health care system

This topic is also important for us as an association. We want to draw attention to problems and grievances in our health care system and work out possible solutions. Topics like grounding and integral health can help to solve the problems and reduce high health care costs in the long run. The following problems in the health sector are visible:

  • Power structures in the field: The healthcare system is characterized by clear hierarchical structures. This can lead to the quality of health care being influenced by the hierarchies.
  • Illegal recruitment in the system: especially in the field of nursing, illegal recruitment takes place without the consideration of ethically correct procedures.
  • Diskriminierung in der Gesundheitsversorgung: Diskriminierung, also die Benachteiligung aufgrund unterschiedlicher Wertvorstellungen, bedingt die Qualität der gesundheitlichen Versorgung.
  • Interkulturalität im Gesundheitssystem: Interkulturalität muss im Gesundheitswesen aktiv berücksichtigt werden, dabei gilt es eine interkulturelle Akzeptanz aufzubauen