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Who we are

Wir kommen aus verschiedenen Teilen Lateinamerikas und Europas und außerdam bringen unterschiedliche Perspektiven mit, gleichzeitig freuen uns, ein Teil der deutschen Gesellschaft zu sein. Diese wird durch unsere Perspektiven bereichert, denn wir leben und schätzen unsere Vielfalt. Dementsprechend Glauben wir an eine gleichberechtigte Gesellschaft, in der sich alle Menschen in gleichem Maße einbringen. Unser Hintergrund erinnert uns daran, dass es unsere Verantwortung ist, die Würde aller Menschen zu respektieren und zu der Sicherung der Menschenrechte beizutragen.
We carry out education and awareness work regarding migration with its background and ensure that social inequality is counteracted. In this way we raise our voices in Germany to make the world a better and fairer place and to work out solutions to social, economic and political problems.


Mamakiya, the Inca goddess of the moon, mother of the great transcendence of the Incas, was cataloged as the main deity. The reason of her presence also fulfilled the task of contrasting the masculine power of the sun, thus embodying a symbolism that clearly refers to all aspects of the woman (male - female). Thus, Andean women of all ages came to her with great passion to ask for assistance in the different phases of their lives. Her nature of grace, gentleness and beauty was in balance with her knowledge. Coya Raymi or Quillamama Raymi on September 23 is the anniversary of Mamakiya.


 Geschichten die ans Herz gehen

How we began

Since 2013 we have been carrying out self-financed projects in Latin America with cultural and gastronomic activities. Since we want to work sustainably and on a long-term basis, we decided to found an association that enables us to do just that and helps us to do so and to network better. We create participation and alternatives.

Where we are now

As a new and professionalizing organization we are intensifying our online activities in cooperation with volunteers in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and in North Rhine-Westphalia we are networking to reach out to other cooperation partners.
In doing so, we implement Mamakiya in digitization and professionalization.