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is the area in which we are exclusively dedicated to climate change issues and above all we give space to the voices of Latin American activists. At the same time, we show solidarity with other climate movements in Germany and the Netherlands.

How was the video made?


In the following video we show different perspectives on climate justice in three different countries (Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica).
The video was not written as a script and freedom of expression was granted. A financial contribution was also made for the time invested by the participants. The video was presented as information material at two climate conferences in Germany and the Netherlands.
Many thanks to Klimacamp Leipziger (Germany) and ASSED (Netherlands).

"World call to Germany - Let's get out of the coal business"

Support to the organization 350.org per year 2018.

Bicycle demonstration in Merkenich

Support for the group KlimaWende Köln, im Kampf gegen das Braunkohle Kraftwerk 01.07.2020 Merkenich.

Austausch zwischen guatemaltekischen und deutschen Aktivisten

The exchange took place on 12/12/2020, with the participation of very committed activists from Guatemala and Germany, the meeting broadened perspectives and areas of discussion. The organization of this meeting was carried out by the Group South and North (a group of German organizations, including MamaKiya)


Brazil inside me

Brazil inside me

In the following posts, I will report on my time with the volunteer service "kulturweit" of the German UNESCO Commission and the German Foreign Office, which I spent from September 2019 to April 2020 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I describe...

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