Orientation Project

Our project "Orientación" (January - April 2019) is aimed at all migrants from Latin American countries who have only recently started living in Cologne.

The aim was to give the participants an orientation guide to exchange ideas with them about their dreams in Germany. Topics related to the recognition of professional qualifications, higher education opportunities and the health system were also discussed.


For international climate justice in the climate camps in Germany

Within the framework of the climate camp in Germany, we organized workshops for about 70 people in 2019 on the threatened rights of the indigenous population in the Amazon region. For several months now, right-wing populist President Bolsonaro has been trying to restrict the rights of the indigenous population in order to make land originally belonging to the indigenous population available to large agricultural companies.


Discussion of the film "Icaros"

In May 2018 we showed the film "Icaros", shot in the Amazon region of Peru, at the Off Broadway cinema in Cologne with an audience of about 80 people. Then we discussed the management of medicinal plants in the Amazon region. The local population is often harmed by the misuse of medicinal plants from the Amazon region. In the guided discussion we were able to ask questions and discuss the pros and cons of the consumption of hallucinogenic medicinal plants in the Amazon region. 


Projects in Latin America

Interactive workshop for the exchange between seniors, Taitas* and children.

In December 2018 an interactive workshop was held in a school in Las Moras in the region Huánuco in Peru Some elderly people visited the students so that they could exchange and learn from each other. For the older people this was an opportunity to share their extensive knowledge about life and their valuable experiences.

*Taitas: Taitas are wise, usually older persons, who have similarities to shamans".


Logrando mis Metas (Realize my goals)

In the "Logrando mis Metas" project, we organized workshops on the empowerment of people with disabilities in the Amarilis region of Peru in February 2015.

The aim of the workshop was to promote people with disabilities from the region. Many children with disabilities find themselves in precarious living situations and are often accommodated in their families under miserable and inhumane conditions. They are often shut off from the outside world out of shame. In Huánuco, this applies to 35 out of 50 people who are born disabled. Some families are convinced of the belief that the child is possessed by demons.

Sonrisitas (Smiles)

The goal of the "Sonrisitas" project in February 2014 was to improve the dental health of children in low-income schools in the Amarilis-Huánuco region. In addition to training in good dental hygiene, the participating children received free dental prophylaxis or caries treatment if necessary.

All activities in the health sector were carried out in cooperation with the social service of the Hospital Materno Infantil Carlos Showing Ferrari (Amarilis - Huánuco) Materno Infantil Carlos Showing Ferrari (Amarilis – Huánuco) durchgeführt.


Siendo nosotras mimas (To be ourselves)

In Peru, empowerment workshops on the issues of domestic violence and femicide were held in June 2017. They targeted women of indigenous origin in the Amarilis Huánuco district.

We trained them to become community multipliers for women's rights and explained how they can help women who are victims of domestic violence. The participants were familiarized with some psychological guidelines and we guided them to implement prevention measures.

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