MamaKiya - Nature

ist der Bereich, in dem wir uns ausschließlich den Fragen des Klimawandels widmen und vor allem den Stimmen lateinamerikanischer Aktivist*innen Raum geben. Gleichzeitig solidarisieren wir uns mit anderen Klimabewegungen in Deutschland und den Niederlanden.

Integrationsarbeit in Deutschland - Mamakiya3

How was the video made?


In the following video we show different perspectives on climate justice in three different countries (Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica). The video was not written with a script and freedom of expression was granted. A financial contribution was also made for the time invested by participants. The video was presented as background material at two climate conferences in Germany and the Netherlands. Many thanks to the Climate Camp Leipzig (Germany) and ASSED (Netherlands).

Kurse unseres Kooperationspartners INBBIO - BRASIL

Training activities for managers in the agricultural sector able to combine knowledge, experience and skills to identify, analyze and propose solutions that contribute to the full performance and profitability of companies operating in the agricultural sector of the 21st century. Advantages and disadvantages are integrally analyzed in this field.

The courses are held in Portuguese.

If you are interested in the courses, click here

Globaler Aufruf an Deutschland: „Raus aus der Kohle“

Support to the organization per year 2018.

Bicycle demonstration in Merkenich

Support for the group KlimaWende Köln, im Kampf gegen das Braunkohle Kraftwerk 01.07.2020


Austausch zwischen guatemaltekischen und deutschen Aktivisten

The exchange took place on 12/12/2020, with the participation of very committed activists from Guatemala and Germany, the meeting broadened perspectives and areas of discussion. The organization of this meeting was carried out by the Group South and North (a group of German organizations, including MamaKiya)

Other activities

News & Updates

Die Bedeutung des Quechua

Die Bedeutung des Quechua

Anlässlich des internationalen Tags der Muttersprache und des 200-jährigen Jubiläums der Gründung Perus organisierten wir am 21. Februar ein internationales Treffen, dessen Ziel es war, den Stellenwert des Quechuas in der peruanischen Gesellschaft zu reflektieren. Das...

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Spanien im Fokus

Spain in focus

Matilde (80 years old) lives in a small apartment in the center of Madrid. In the last few months she has only left her apartment to go shopping or to the doctor. Since March 14th, Spain has one of the strictest crown closures in Europe. Some

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Der unerwartete Besuch

The unexpected visit

When we receive an unexpected visit, many of us feel uncomfortable because they find us in our own reality, without masks or make-up. This is how Coronavirus found us, practically naked, showing us the true reality in which our society lives....

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