About us

We are a non-profit association made up of Latin American migrants and Germans. We come from different parts of Latin America and Europe and bring with us different perspectives. At the same time we are happy to be a part of German society. We want to enrich this society with our perspectives, because we live and appreciate our diversity.

We are united in the belief in an equal society, in which all people participate equallyOur background reminds us that it is our duty and responsibility to respect and uphold the dignity of all people and to contribute to securing human rights.
We carry out education and awareness work regarding migration with its background and ensure that social inequality is counteracted. In this way we raise our voices in Germany to make the world a better and fairer place and to work out solutions to social, economic and political problems.

Mamakiya - Team
Mamakiya - Team4

Amanda Luna

Projektleiterin - Geschäftsführerin

is the founder and managing director of MamaKiya, she has led various projects with a regional focus on Peru and works in the health, education and investigation sector.

“Llapallanchi haywacushun Latinoamericatha apashun songunchichu chaymi kukukuylla kallpallanchi mana gongananchipa kushicuyninchita chai ahalla pachalla.”

“Wir gehen zusammen und tragen Lateinamerika in unseren Herzen. Das ist unsere treibende Kraft, damit wir in schwierigen Momenten nicht vergessen zu lächeln.“

Mamakiya _ Team3

Bruno Pellegrino

1 Representative of the Board of Directors

is the first board member of MamaKiya and works in the field of 3D animation.

“Como imigrante conheço as dificuldades e obstáculos que o contato com uma nova cultura oferecem”

"As a migrant, I know the difficulties and obstacles of contact with a new culture."

Helena Santana Losada

Helena Santana Losada

3 Representative of the Board of Directors

is the third member of the board of directors of MamaKiya and is active in the field of environmental and sustainable development education.

"For me, successful projects mean achieving lasting positive effects for all participants through communication at eye level and the awareness of learning from and with each other. This is exactly what MamaKiya can offer!"

Silvana Deisy Paulina Tumminello

Silvana Deisy Paulina Tumminello

2 Representative of the Board of Directors

is the second member of the board of directors of MamaKiya and works in the field of technology development and scientific teaching.

“Me intereso por la interrelación entre educación, ciencia y tecnología como herramientas de empoderamiento en la formación de personas con capacidad de forjar un mejor futuro en la sociedad en que se encuentren”

“Ich interessiere mich für die Interaktion zwischen Bildung, Wissenschaft und Technologie als Werkzeuge für Empowerment. So können Menschen Fähigkeiten entwickeln, eine bessere Zukunft in der Gesellschaft, in der sie sich befinden, zu gestalten.”

Evelyn Rothkranz

Evelyn Rothkranz

Project application manager

is currently studying the Master's program Intercultural Communication and Education

"I am moved by the cross-cultural understanding, face-to-face encounters, empathy and community."

Marivaldo da Silva Messias

Marivaldo da Silva Messias

Sports manager

Sports trainer with international professional experience in Germany, Brazil, France and Great Britain Marivaldo worked for Fitness First in Cologne for 12 years.
Zu dem angebotenen Kursen gehören Aerobic, BBP, Latin Moves, und Zumba

"Everyone should feel comfortable in my classes. With my Latin American temperament, I make sure that everyone is in a good mood and you simply join in. Nada de tristeza!"

Julia Wipfelder

Julia Wipfelder


is an intern at MamaKiya and is currently studying Transcultural Studies/Cultural Anthropology.
" Intercultural sensitivity and self-reflection are essential for me in order to realize a cooperation on the same eye level."
Leah Preisinger

Leah Preisinger

Support for the coordination of international actions

studies political science and philosophy and feels connected to Latin America in a special way since her culture-wide voluntary service in Brazil.
"Promoting intercultural sensitization and working for a sustainable future brings us closer to a world community in the true sense of the word."

Lara Savec

Lara Savec


studies hotel and tourism management. She has lived in Uruguay for over a year and thus got to know and love the Latin American culture.

„Andere Kulturen zu sehen öffnet einem die Augen. Sie zu verstehen, ganze Welten.
Würden mehr Menschen dies versuchen, wäre das Leben für viele von uns leichter“

Evelyn Guadalupe Cazares Jiménez

Evelyn Guadalupe Cazares Jiménez

Coordination of events in Mexico

Master in teaching management of virtual worlds, founder of S.A.S CreartEnlínea and Tianguis Ariwá (Market with soul)
"I support Mamakiya because they focus on action research with populations of artisanal producers and researchers, as a network that protects and preserves the knowledge that contributes to the sustainable conservation of the environment."

Our History

How we began

Since 2013 we have been carrying out self-financed projects in Latin America with cultural and gastronomic activities. Since we want to work sustainably and on a long-term basis, we decided to found an association that enables us to do just that and helps us to do so and to network better. We create participation and alternatives.

Where we are now

As a new and professionalizing organization we are intensifying our online activities in cooperation with volunteers in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and in North Rhine-Westphalia we are networking to reach out to other cooperation partners.
In our new video we present different perspectives on climate change.