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When we receive an unexpected visit, many of us feel uncomfortable because they find us in our own reality without mask or make-up. So the corona virus found us, practically naked, and showed us the true reality in which our society lives. This guest succeeds in paralysing the world in a radical way and without structures, which costs the lives of many people, especially the unprotected, who die of coronavirus or hunger.

This pandemic is showing our true values, as people and countries, many feelings are among our economic and social priorities, but those of us who know how to balance and understand that we are not only workers and producers, but also human beings and living as a society, not only need to wash our hands to fight the epidemic, we need to wash our minds and ways of acting.

Integrationsarbeit in Deutschland - Mamakiya3

As humanity we have already experienced other pandemics, which have left us experiences and mechanisms of action to combat this situation, unfortunately they were lost to oblivion, in all epidemics there was no solidarity work as humanity, each country looks after its own interests no matter what happens to the rest, even though the death of one, is the loss of all.

At present human civilization is having time to live and to begin the battle to humanize itself, now we must untie solidarity to the most oppressed, mobilize the economy to come useful to humanity and not to a few. Let us develop a pioneering philosophy to rise up together, linked with wisdom and with heart, because many of us are far from human consciousness. Let us begin to govern ourselves and understand that life is a miracle, which we must respect and defend.

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